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Continuing Education Credits for Builders – Market Penetration for Manufacturers

Building designers and constructors want to create more advanced buildings that cost less while being measurably better in performance. Building owners want to have the highest performing buildings with the most reduced costs. Often, the degree to which these improvements are made is the primary determinant of how success is measured.

Architects and engineers learn with continuing education credits (CEUs)…
Building owners and developers need objective resources to evaluate unfamiliar systems…
This is where PuraTerra assists developers, building owners, architects, and engineers with information about next-generation building products that create structures that do more with less money.

Continuing Education Credits and Real-Time Education for Designers

On the design side, PuraTerra connects architects and engineers to curated manufacturer partners by offering CEUs and objective scientific data about how innovative technologies create better building outcomes.  By offering free, compelling and valuable CEU content design tradespeople spend their coveted CEU time wisely on solutions that can actually help.

Architects and engineers are educated about the pros and cons of both the traditional and the latest systems used in building technology.  These systems allow clients not to compromise on the economy or occupant comfort.

This, in turn, helps create clients who are happy with services delivered because they get value for their money. Eventually, such clients provide future business through upcoming contracts and positive referrals.

Objective and Reliable Information for Building Owners

For building owners, the information we provide about our curated systems comes from third-party labs, case studies with references, and project testing. We educate our clients on specific applications of advanced technology. By strategically placing systems and products in the right places in buildings performance improves without adding undue costs. One way we help owners is by offering feasibility studies which show analyses of a prospective implementation before a project even starts. Another way is by managing on-site mock-ups and product trials to provide further confidence before larger investments are made.

Market Penetration for Building Material Manufacturers

With a wealth of resources at their disposal, practical tradespeople dissect every aspect of the product category they are interested in.  They are looking for, among other things, sustainability, economy, reliability, and a proven track record.  PuraTerra systematically connects the products of leading early stage manufacturers with the designers, builders, and owners who need them. Manufacturers gain market penetration and tradespeople see significant improvements for their buildings.

PuraTerra‘s Products

PuraTerra does not work with commodity products that have minimal technical advantages over their alternatives. To make large positive changes in buildings merely changing a product’s color or other design features does not generate a sufficient impact.  Products must have quantifiable advantages and they must provide a significant impact.  The size of this impact is the true determinant of our success.

  • – Energy reduction strategies that provide more comfort and ROI
  • – Water reduction strategies that offer conservation without compromise
  • – Advanced wood products that outlast and outperform conventional woods
  • – Advanced seamless stone that can resurface any floor or wall

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